Being one of the major providers of wireless infrastructure worldwide, Huawei is committed to drive the development of wireless network technology as well as services provided by the networks. We would like to take this opportunity to share our views on the future of wireless networks and to discuss these with leading representatives from the international research community.

The workshop is organized by the Swedish branch of Huawei Wireless R&D. Huawei has identified Europe as its core strategic marketplace and is therefore investing heavily in Europe. Huawei has 13 R&D sites across Europe, in Sweden, Finland, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Italy. The company employs more than 1000 R&D specialists across these 13 European sites. Globally, Huawei’s research and development team consists of 70,000 engineers. Established in 2000, Stockholm was selected as the location for Huawei’s first R&D laboratory abroad, and is today recognized as a 5G Wireless Research Center.
Huawei Sweden R&D now wants to strengthen the relationship with prominent researchers that are active in various areas of the telecommunication ecosystem with the ambition to understand and explore future drivers for – and potential directions of – the evolution of wireless networks.

The workshop will focus on upcoming trends and new technologies, enabling wireless solutions for future needs both of people and of communities. The themes for 2017 are: Drivers for Network Growth, Emerging Technologies for 5G, Future System Concepts, and Antenna Systems Revolution. The conference will be carried out in a workshop format, where invited speakers present their ideas of future functionality or solutions for wireless networks. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussions.